Is Erectile Dysfunction Psychological?

Erectile dysfunction can hinder the ability to achieve and maintain an erection in men. It has both, physical and psychological causes to affect the ability of men. The physical causes include heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and other lifestyle causes such as alcoholism and drug abuse.

Psychological Causes Of ED


A stressful contributes to many problems in life and ED is also one of them. Even a small dose of regular stress (pun intended) can affect the ability to achieve and maintain an erection by men. Are you stressed for a client meeting tomorrow? Don’t be. As it can hinder your performance in bed.


Psychological issues can affect your body just the way physical issues do. Another common psychological cause is anxiety. It can make you feel fatigued, increase the heart rate, arise blood pressure issues, and more. All of these when combines or even single-handedly can degrade your sexual ability.

Emotional Problems

If you and partner are having regular conflicts instead of having regular quickies, then chances are your sexual potential is going to degrade. These conflicts are not healthy at all. Your body suffers the consequences of silent treatment you’re receiving or giving to your partner. If no discussion is working, seek a professional counselor’s help.


It is a chemical imbalance in the brain. A depressed person can have less sexual desire and degraded sexual function. It is mostly too difficult to identify depression in men. Most of the times they try to hide their situation or blatantly ignore everything. Being the macho man eh?

A small talk with a loved one or a friend or a professional can make you feel better. If you’re having depression symptoms, get medical treatment as it will also treat your ED.

Anxiety Of ED

Yes, that thing is real! The first time you found out that you’re having ED can make you believe that you’ll never gain normal sexual function. It creates a sense of fear and low self-esteem in some men. That makes it difficult for men to have a sexual encounter with any other partner once you have faced it. Instead of demoralizing yourself, should see a doctor the first time you face this problem.

Is It Possible To Get Rid Of Psychological Cause Of ED?

Most of the psychological problems do not require medical treatment. But if the cause of ED is depression, then the treatment requires medical attention. Getting medications for depression will fade away the depression as well as ED symptoms.

Many psychological issues require therapeutic approach and support from your partner or any other loved one. You should talk to your subsequent other or a family member that can help you to resolve psychological issues that are causing ED. If even after discussing and dealing with psychological aspects on your own is not working in your favor, then you should seek a professional help. Don’t wait for too much though. If the condition is critical then go for professional treatment at the beginning itself. Any delay can cause a bad affect on your mental and sexual health.

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