Eating An Early Dinner Can Help You Burn Fat, Lower Your Blood Sugar

A recent study has discovered that having a late-night dinner, you will grow the chances of increasing your body weight along with a high sugar level in your blood in any calories. Research also uncovered the fact that people who eat dinner late have the level of blood sugar approximately 20% higher than people who eat early.

Eating Late is Not Right

There is an article published in a magazine known as Endocrine Society and it was named ‘Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism’. It said that it does not depend on what you are eating but if you eat late night dinner, you will end up gaining unnecessary body fats and an extra bonus of high sugar in your blood.

Both obesity and blood sugar are the most common health issues seen almost in every country. Nowadays people are so used to a disrupted routine that they are rarely seen eating and sleeping in proper time. Emmy Ntamanga, who is a nutrition consultant from Kigali, Rwanda, said that eating late would result in the occurrence of various health complications. They mainly include heart problems and high cholesterol.

These diseases are quite obvious if a person is gaining unnecessary fat layers in the body. The Kigali based nutritionist also mentioned that non-uniform eating habits can largely harm the circadian system which means that your brain would reduce the ability of concentration and learning, even worse consequences can be seen.

The Reason For the Problems Occuring for Eating Late

Why do so many things occur just because of having a late dinner? Ntamanga has two proper answers to it. The first reason is that eating late at night makes people eat unnecessarily more causing accumulation of fat layers.

According to the statement of nutritionists, people eat late and they go to bed shortly after and that is where the problem begins. Going to bed right after having dinner leads to the upliftment of acidity along with acid reflux. Why so? The reason behind this is the stomach has to struggle the most for digestion when you are lying down.

The food metabolising pressure can cause loosening of the LES (lower esophageal sphincter). As a result, it will make your undigested food flow back into the food pipe.The reflux can be avoided through making a minimum of 2 hour break between your eating and bedtime. Reflux can be even more dangerous sometimes because a constant reflux might lead to fatal diseases like oesophageal cancer.

The End Note

Studies also show that in the present decade the number of people having acid reflux is way more than it was before. The nutrition consultant also advised people to feed on food full of proper nutrients when they feel hungry after dinner. This sounds scary, isn’t it? Well, you can avoid these issues by eating dinner early and doing proper exercises to keep your blood circulation on point.

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